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    A Himlayan Pass was named after George William Traill , the 2nd British Commissioner of Kumaon (1816-1836), as Everest was named after George Everest, the illustrious Surveyor-General of India (1830-1843). A comparison between the two, though not relevant, is interesting. Both Georges earned the distinction sometime after relinquishing their posts and even the legend of Radhanath Sikdar related to the discovery of Everest has a parallel, Malak Singh Buda, in the first crossing of the pass in 1830. Both Traill and Everest began service in India with the East India Company about the first decade of the 19th Century.

By Himalayan standards, the Pindari glacier and the Traill’s Pass do not match most of the giants. The Pindari is neither the largest nor the longest of the glaciers nor is the Traill’s Pass, at its head, the highest of passes. However, Pindari has been the most frequently visited Himalayan glacier since the mid-19th century when a bridle-path with dak bungalows at suitable intervals between there and Almora was built. Even today, it is so popular a trekking destination that a tenfold increase in the number of beds available is unable to cope with the influx.

What faces a visitor to Pindari glacier at the Zero Point, along its left lateral moraine, is an immense wall of jagged, broken ice criss¬crossed with thousands of seracs and crevasses. The upper icefields of the glacier are invisible from there and the near level ice mass at its lower end at the snout below recedes into insignificance. What people call the Pindari glacier is actually a huge icefall passing over a steep slope, through which a direct ascent has yet to be made. Above this lie the icefields of the surrounding heights and the névé basin of the glacier, some 8 kms long, separated from the ridge above with a text-book fashion bergschrund. The lowest point on the ridge at 5400 m is the Traill’s Pass. Beyond the pass to the north and east lies the Lwan valley whose catchment is the Gori ganga valley.

Trails pass is a high altitudes pass named after famous explorer and is on the head of Pindari glacier which is one of the most accessible Glacier & lies on the outer ring of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary in the Kumaon Himalaya. The Pindari Glacier forms the snout of the river 

Pindar which forms the main tributary of river Alaknanda which further joins the Bhagirathi to form The Ganges at Dev Prayag. Trails pass bridges Pindari Valley with Lawan Valley (Nandadevi East Base camp ).

The everlasting beauty and the breathtaking view of the snow clad summits of Nandakot,Maikotli, Nandakhat, Panwalidwar and the mountain slopes proceeding towards the icy splendor of the Himalaya makes you feel your spirits soar, and exhilaration becomes your Companion. The mere sight of these mountain can arouse the most maddening effect of human passion.

A  peek  into  Abode of  Devi


The Long Staaf Col, is a Saddle or depression between two mountain ridge,Mt.Nandakhat based on Pidari valley and Mt. Nanda Devi East based on Jawahar Parvat in Lawan Gad area from Martoli side in Kumaon region.
Known too as “Nanda Devi Khal” also and height is 5,910m(19,503ft). This part of Col is very sharp and narrow first explored by Dr. Tom Longstaff along with two swiss guide Alex and Henry Brocherel in the year of 1905.Climb’s have been recorded from Lawang Gud area.No records or attempts of entry to Nanda Devi Santuary is available till now.

Pilgrimage with a difference...!


Legends say that priest's used to worship gods connecting the two famous Hindu shrines in Garhwal Himalaya!.Still common man believe it as myth.And here is your chance to be a part of the quest. Adventure with a difference, grand mountain scape . If you feel this as intresting voyage join us in our venture!

Panpatia Expedition is journey across the most remote regions in Gharwal himalayas. Panpatia Snowfield is amongst the biggest snowfield in Gharwal Himalayas (around 10 kms in length and 2-3 kms wide). This connects 2 holy shrines, Badrinath and Kedarnath. Per legend this is the only direct route followed by the mythical priest who performed Puja at both the shrines in a single day! I decided to test my skills and followed the route from Badrinath- Neelkanth Khal - Panpatia Glacier- Parvati Gully - Panpatia Col - Sujal Sarovar- Ransi.
Extending a grueling,awesome, pictorial, beautiful, knee-crackling trek brings to Mandani valley in Garhwal Himalayas which terminates at Kedarnath and crossing three cols simultaneously, Mahapanth Col (4602m), Bishali Col (4755m), Yeonbuk Col (4654m) one reaches Mandani valley.

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