Jenu Kallu Gudda

Honey Rock Beckons


    Situated about 4500 feet above sea level surrounded hills of Jenukallu Gudda, which is the 2nd Highest peak in  Karnataka. Western Ghats are one of the hottest bio diversity hotspots in the world. We provide finest holiday experience and owe our intent to the much appreciated hospitality culture of our Malnad region.

Camp stay, is sure to fulfill your dreams of waking up in the morning to the different, musical and natural sounds of the rustic nature. If you are a nature and adventure lover, you will find everything you desire, from the rivers, cascading waterfalls, high mountain ranges, jungle trails and many more! 

At Campsite below the peak, you will wake up to a calm and fresh atmosphere with nothing to disturb your mind except the soothing sounds of trees in the breeze. You also get to hear the peacock call in the morning, along with the sweet sounds of various other birds. 



Activities : Trek to Jenukallu Gudda 

Grade : Moderate

Place of Interest : 1000 years old Bettada  Byraweshwara temple 


Belligundi Waterfalls

Rhapsody in Silver



Western Ghats are dotted with Pristine streams and Perrineal waterfalls. In the dense forest tucked away are few waterfalls which are difficult to access due to uneven terrain. The rich Sharavathi Valley is home to numerous waterfalls and offer a feast to ardent nature lover. Belligundi known as Kudumari waterfalls is one such waterfalls which offers challenge to any willing to explore it.

The get a very glimpse of waterfalls a and know its magnificience one has trudge through the beaten path. For a ardent trekker to reach the bottom one has cross the interminent streams, wading through grass, shedding blood to hungry leeches, descending and ascending slopes.Walking through the canopy listening to the sounds of chirping birds makes the hike memorable. The sight silver line of roaring waterfalls though the canopy cascading from height of 600 ft brings a pinch of curiosity in a individual.Taking a refreshing bath under the sprinkling water, a natural shower with a vibgyor of colors removes the hardship and rejunevates the body mind and soul..! 





Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is a moist deciduous and Shola type of forests surrounded by the Brahmagiri Peak. The Irupu falls during monsoon would be full and gushing down to Lakshmana Theerta waterfalls.
The sanctuary is home to Elephants, Indian Gaur, Sambar, Chital, Wild Pigs, Giant Squirrel, Civets, Southern plains gray Langur, Leopards and endangered Lion-tailed macaque. With over 300 species birds found during this trek through misty grasslands, Brahmagiri is truly the monsoon magic spot.
If you have thought Coorg has only coffee and misty mountains, there is more to it; the Chai Patti or Tea Gardens that catch rains and drain to Barpole, and the White Water Rafting is best experienced in Coorg only here!

Kudremukh Trans Trek

Tresspassing the  Hills


For those who had a glimpse of the horse mane kudremukha , finally summited it and would like to go on a ride in the National Park , there is option of going on for Trans Kudremukh Trek.
Kudremukh Peak is the one of the highest peak in Karnataka and highest in the Kudremukh national park also known as Kudremukha National park. This peak lies about 1892 meters or 6,207 feet above sea level. ‘Kudre’ means horse while ‘mukha’ means face. As the name suggests, it looks like a horse face hence called Kudremukh or kudremukha. This peak lies in the forests of Kudremukh National park. Kudremukh peak trek lies on the list of popular trekking trails in the national park. Kudremukh national park amidst Western Ghats has a very rich biodiversity and home to certain species of wildlife which is nowhere else found on this planet.
Trans trek is a misnomer of exploring the park while summiting the nearby prominent Irumalaguppe peak 4500 ft next to Thirumalaguppe peak 5000 ft. While walking on the steep slopes amid grass lands having a grand view of west face of Kudremukh peak ,adjoining peak Durgada Habba and valleys. Sliding rather than descending to Lobomane or house crossing grasslands. Lobomane or “Lobo’s house” was a house made by Simon Lobo, a priest who made the Kudremukh ranges his home.Passing through the shoala forests in the shadow of Kudremukh peak one reaches a point which serves as re - entrant to park. The Majestic view of twin peaks and view of Irumalaguppe dwarfed under the gigantic Thirumalaguppe makes trans trek memorable. The grandeur of vertical rock face and conical shape of Thirumalguppe peak playing hide and seek with mist visible from the conopy of forest makes one crane his neck often.The trails is home for amazing orchids Seethale hoova and if one is lucky one can spot a Indian Gaurs and Sambar grazing on slopes.
After a long walk and descents brings one to fringes of Kudremukh park thus entering district of Dhakshina Kannada in Navoor . Numerous streams flow interminently and waterfalls dot the landscape here.

Mukurthi Trek

At the Nostrils End


Mukurthi National Park is situated in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu, at a distance of approximately 27 km from Ooty. It lies on the southeastern corner of the elevated Nilgiri Plateau and is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere. Spread over an area of over 80 sq km, Mukurthi Wildlife Sanctuary of India has an altitude that averages around 2400 m. The peak’s name in Kannada means ‘cutnose’ and is believed by the local people to be the nose of Ravana’s sister Surpanaka, whose nose was cut by Lakshmana.

The peak is sacred to the Toda tribes of the Nilgiris. According to a legend, when female infanticide was prevalent among the todas, the babies were taken to this side of the hill and killed. Toda women were forbidden to this side of the hill. As one of the women disobeyed, her nose was cut off as punishment. This nose turned into the peak and she became a goddess. Even today, the Todas believe that the souls of men and buffaloes leap together into the other world from the summit of the Mukurti peak.

The flora of Mukurti National Park of India is very much similar to what is found in the Himalayan range. A National Park for Exotics - Endemics and ew intriguing things about Mukurthi is Of the 200 grassland species 105 are endemic to south India. Of these 77 are endemic to the Western Ghats. 22 are found in the Nilgiris alone. Mukurthi has the highest number of scapigerous Impatiens found in any one place, unit area, landscape: in the world.

The landscape is dominated by grasslands, Rhododendron, pine,which are mostly dotted with a number of secluded, dense and sharply defined wet temperate mixed forests. These forests consist of savannah woodlands, along with evergreen trees, smaller than the lowland ones. The main sources of water in the park are Billithadahalla, Pykara and Kundah RiversThe pride of Mukurthi Wildlife Sanctuary of Tamil Nadu is its significant population of Nilgiri Thar. Apart from that, one can also see Nilgiri Marten, Otter, Barking Deer, Sambar, Jungle Cat, Jackals, etc. The most popular bird species of Mukurti Wildlife Sanctuary are Black Eagle, Woodcock, Laughing and Whistling Thrushes, Wild Pigeon, etc. One can also find a large number of butterflies inside the sanctuary, like Hedge Blues, Indian Fritillary, Indian Red Admiral, Blue Admiral, Rainbow Trouts, etc.



Land of the Whiskered Tigers


    Nature has bestowed wonders upon mankind in the form of scenic beauty. But flowers blossom for those who want to see them. The famous American athlete Wilma Rudolph once said, “The shining of the sun makes a man to do anything for neither the mountains are too high to climb nor are his troubles too difficult to overcome”.  Exploring this magnanimity and beauty of nature could be an amazing experience given the length of trekking man makes right here at Meesapulimala. 

Centuries ago, Lord Murugan had made this place his abode and blessed it with prosperity and abundance in natural resources. A perfect blend of blue sky coalesced with luscious green mountains, Meesapulimala, has its own story to tell. The vast stretch of grassy pastures giving a person the clear sight of white snow-capped mountain peaks creates positive vibes and a sense of calmness. This natural beauty is favourable, today, to many trekkers to go on a trekking spree here and climb to the highest peaks in the southern region.

Meesapulimala is a name of the Tamil origin that literally translates to ‘Mountains of Moustached Tigers’. The place houses many species of flora and fauna. This naturally occurring snow clad peak has managed to attract tourists from all over the place.  The beauty of Meesapulimala lies in the fact that it is situated on the confluence of three divine rivers of Mudhirapuzha, the ever flowing River Kundaly and the blissful Nalathani.  Trekkers and travellers here are welcomed by Munnar- a priced destination in the Malabar Coast - before ascending this gigantic 8,661 feet tall wonder. Munnar is considered to be the creation of Lord Murugan. It is at the Tamil Nadu - Kerala border as it bestows us with the richness of medicinal Nilgiris and the colourful rhododendrons irrespective of the languages spoken here or the region to which people belong. To summarize, this place knows no bounds and gifts the tourists with a pleasant environment to thrive upon. The exceptional rhodo valley brings blissful joy with its wide carpet of Rhododendrons. Munnar has been one of the rarest locations which have reserves to some of the endemic species of India.

Some of the lesser known animal species rife to this region include the Nilgiri Pigeons, Sambars, Giant Grizzled squirrels and have increased the inflow of tourists from all over the world. Also, don’t me amazed if an elephant, a gaur or a Nilgiri Tahr visit you on your way. 

Love is always in the air at Munnar as it holds the coveted title of the Honeymooners’ Pride.

Meesapulimala is a high mountain peak in the south and competes with her look alike sister, Sahyadri, in the west. The largest tea plantation of Kolukkumalai finds its base here at the Meesapulimala peak. It is an amazing trek that takes you across shoals (or mountain rain forests) that are at a considerable altitude. This leads to the other name that the jungles get, as they are rightly referred to as the ‘cloud forests’. 

While ascending this peak travellers have to literally watch over each step they take, as the vast carpet of grasslands are homes to the breeds of leeches. First aid kits are a must have list of things to carry in your backpacks. This mighty peak is one of the nine peaks of this region and unfolds many hardships during its climb that is so tiring to man for a little more than 8,661 feet. One of them could be the lack of oxygen while at the top. But once you succeed reaching atop, you will be swaying over the clouds that engulf you. Your heart will surely skip a beat at the scenery that finally is achieved by this feat. Meesapulimala leaves us speechless with its generosity in bestowing calmness, joy and the beauty. The mightiness of this peak is not just due to its physical appearance but also due to its magnanimous pleasure.




Surmounting the Tortoise Peak


     Amedhikallu (height 2,800 m), near village Shishila in Dharmasthala, is one of the significant peaks of Charmadi range. The name Amedikallu is a combination of two words: Ame - Turtle and Dikkel – the Tulu word for Stove. Amedhikallu has a huge monolith at the top which appears like a giant turtle and three large stones which give an appearance of a stove. This peak is surrounded by many other important peaks of Western Ghats. Amedhikallu is considered to be one of the scenic treks in Karnataka and is a two day trek if one wants to make it to the peak comfortably. The starting point is Shishila village from where the trail starts. The initial trail is through a fairly dense forest, but the trail itself is pretty wide. Then the forest cover disappears slowly and beautiful grasslands appear which continues to the three stones, the dikkels at the summit.

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